Top Tips to Keep Your Flower Bouquet Blooming

Top Tips to Keep Your Flower Bouquet Blooming

Now that you have received your stunning flower bouquet from Go Dutch, here are a few top tips to keeping your flowers looking perfect. Keep in mind that it can take 2-3 days for your stems to reach their full potential, as at Go Dutch we only provide the freshest and highest quality flowers when creating your bouquet.

  • Use the Flower Food supplied

Drop in the supplied flower food into your vase and follow the instructions on the packaging. This magical little solution will nourish your stems and will help your flower bouquet to last much longer.

  • Regularly Trim the Stems

After you have unwrapped your flower bouquet, it is important to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle before placing them into a vase. We recommend using shears if you have them or a sharp scissors to ensure a clean cut. Continue to trim the stems every couple days and this will continue to add life to your bouquet.

  • Change the Water in the Vase

One of the best tips for getting the most enjoyment out of your bouquet is to replenish the water regularly with fresh, cold water. Make sure to remove any foliage or leaves that fall under the waterline of the vase.

  • Keep in Indirect Light

After placing your flowers in the vase, male sure to keep them in a spot with indirect sunlight. If you'd like for your blooms to open up more quickly, this can be done using warm water to gently coax the flowers open.

Finally, every single stem has a different expected vase life so as each begins to expire, make sure to pull them out to keep the other blooms fresher for longer. At Go Dutch our experienced florists are always on hand to offer you the best advice when it comes to keeping your flower bouquet blooming and we love to create stunning flower bouquets that fit every occasion. Why not view our full range or get in touch with us here and we would be happy to help you with all of your flower queries!


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