Why Do Flowers Make Us Happy?

Why Do Flowers Make Us Happy?

Did you know that flowers do more than just brighten the room? Flowers can have an uplifting and brightening effect on your mood too. That’s why at Go Dutch Flowers Galway we are always happy!

It has been found that people who have flowers in their home feel happier and more relaxed. Having flowers in your home evoke positive emotions such as gratitude, hope, empathy, joy, love, pride, calmness, surprise and awe. Flowers make us happy because they come in many different beautiful shapes, sizes, colours and aromas so there will always be a flower to suit a person's individual taste and preference.

As well as adding a splash of colour and a beautiful aroma to the room, overall happiness, well-being, calm and intimacy benefit from surrounding yourself with flowers. 

Especially in these strange and uncertain times around the Covid-19 outbreak when we are all missing our friends and families flowers are the perfect pick-me-up to brighten your day. Or because as humans we love both giving gifts as well as receiving them, sending a floral arrangement to a loved one is a beautiful way of letting them know that even though you are spending time apart, that they are in your thoughts and the flowers will promote happiness in their home.

Also, it is widely known that flowers are one of the most popular gifts that are given to someone as a get well gesture. It is thought that flowers and plants accelerate healing due to their stimulation of a positive atmosphere.

It’s not only flowers that promote happiness and have a positive effect on our moods, indoor plants clean the air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen. This creates a more comfortable and healthy living space. 

So why do flowers make us happy, the simple answer is because they are a natural beauty and we enjoy looking at them. Happiness is shared when flowers are given as a gift. 

All the team here at Go Dutch Flowers Galway hope that you are keeping safe and well during this tough time. We look forward to reopening our shop to the public again once it is safe to do so. In the meantime keep an eye on our social media for reopening announcements.


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